Shakti on Fire Podcast Ep 6 – Emotion Body Code with Rimi Yoshida

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HEALING – Pain 2 Power, Wounds 2 Wisdom Spotlight 1

– What is Emotion / Body Code?

– How can it help you?

– What is muscle testing?

– What is the difference with other therapies?

– What is the hole in one method?

– Tibetan healing bowl meditation

Listen to the podcast episode here.


How can the Emotion Code and Body Code help me?

The most popular question I get asked when people learn about the Emotion Code and Body Code is, “How will it help me?”  To give you an idea, let me share a few words from my clients:

“It is amazing and helpful…. For myself, incidents that I forgot or I thought doesn’t bother me consciously …were still [trapped] in my subconscious.  After [we] released the trapped emotions and heart wall, I realised the heaviness in my heart was actually the heart wall.  Immediately after the session, I felt so relieved and light!”

“It’s amazing to experience how effectively Emotion Code has helped me to release the trapped emotions and unseen negative energies… pulling me out from my very depressed times.  I am now a happier person with a clearer mind.”

“Just to share, I left the room saying everything looked brighter.  I had call [afterward] with a potential client and without even saying much (she was doing most of the talking) she commented she wanted to work with me because she liked my energy.”

“It was bewildering but very cathartic.  I did not fully understand the process yet she made it easy to point out and unroot these negative emotions/assumptions and placing them into context and making me realise that I can improve and heal.”

“Not only have I completely kicked my 19-year addiction to diet coke, but I have also lost my debilitating anxieties and fears, and instead found a calming peace that has not left me since departing from your office. That peace and calmness has also moved my husband who senses these amazing changes within me, and it has renewed our love, as well as brought a lovely tranquility to our household that has been missing for months.”


As described above, the Emotion Code/Body Code are very good at clearing unhelpful and unnecessary energy out of you, so you can reduce your physical and emotional stress and feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and maybe even spiritually!

The procedure is simple: 1) find the unhelpful energy trapped inside, and 2) release it intentionally with a few swipes of the hand.  How can negative energy be cleared from the body just like that and achieve all this change?  To answer this question, I’ll try to describe what’s going on inside of us, from the most minute level upwards.

When we magnify any object down to its smallest possible particle, it will look like a tiny dot whizzing around in vast empty space.  This is a subatomic particle.  These particles behave like both a wave and matter.  When particles with similar frequencies come together, they form the objects we see before us.

Let’s zoom out for a minute.  In an (albeit controversial) experiment conducted sometime during the late 1960s to early 1970s by Dr. Cleve Backster, a polygrapher with the CIA, white blood cells of several donors were placed in vials and hooked up with EEG electrodes so their electrical responses could be measured.  Then the donors received various stimuli to elicit a spontaneous emotional response.  No matter where the vials were placed – in the same room, separate rooms or distances of up 12km – the cells in the vials responded at exactly the same time the donor was receiving the emotional stimulus.

What does this mean?  It implies that the cells and their hosts “communicated” with each other regardless of distance.  How?  Possibly because of something called quantum entanglement, a phenomenon of quantum physics.  Entanglement is a relationship between two particles which exists regardless of distance or time, creating a correlated pair, and the behavior of that relationship can be influenced by an “outside observer”.

How does that apply to us?  It suggests we aren’t as static or as immune to energy as we think!  If we’re made up of billions and billions of these particles, that would mean we’re capable of being influenced on a quantum level by well, almost anything.  Because everything – toxins, pathogens, nutrients – is made up of the exact same particles we’re made up of; they just have different frequencies.

Emotions and thoughts are frequencies too, even though they aren’t made of matter.  They seem influence us in a similar way the “outside observer” influences the way particles behave in quantum entanglement.  When we use intentional thought plus magnetic energy to “clear” something out of us, what we’re doing is sending in a different frequency to cancel out the frequency we’ve detected: toxin, pathogen or negative emotion.  Once a frequency gets canceled out, it’s gone.

I hope this gives you an idea of what’s happening on a subatomic level.  Now let’s move on to the physical and emotional level.

When our bodies are healthy and whole, our thoughts and emotions are usually healthy and whole, too.  This is because our bodies are producing molecules and hormones that in combination, make us feel good.  And when we’re feeling good emotionally, we prompt the body to release molecules and hormones which help our bodies be physically well.  It’s a cycle.

When the body is under stress due to illness, injury, bad lifestyle habits, difficult situations or traumatic experiences, it’s not easy for the body to produce those molecules and hormones that make us feel good because it’s too busy trying to fix imbalances.  Such as repairing cell damage, clearing out toxins and metabolic waste, maintaining organ health or fighting off pathogens.  As we start feeling less upbeat, our thoughts and emotions might lean towards the negative, which could become reinforced by more negative perceptions as we begin viewing life through a different lens.  This in turn could put more stress on the body – again, becoming a cycle.

The relationship between body and mind is intertwined.  Research shows that there is a correlation between stress and disease. “Stress” is many things: emotions, thoughts, memories, beliefs, physical and/or emotional trauma, inflammation, infection, toxicity, deficiency, malfunction, misalignment, offensive energy and more.  The role of alternative therapies is to help people relieve their stress so they can enable their bodies to heal faster and maintain a sense of wellbeing longer.  What makes the Emotion Code/Body Code stand out is that it’s designed to remove or correct all these stresses quickly, safely and permanently.

So!  To finally answer the question, how exactly does the Emotion Code and Body Code help, here’s a list (in no particular order) of some changes I’ve noticed in the people who have received this work:

  1. Feel lighter
  2. Feel happier
  3. See/hear/taste/eat/sleep better
  4. Feel less/no more pain
  5. Remember things better
  6. Understand things better
  7. Make better decisions
  8. Cope with unpleasant/unhappy situations better
  9. Feel more positive/optimistic
  10. Feel calmer
  11. Feel more relaxed
  12. Recover faster
  13. Feel more confident
  14. Feel more energized


Please keep in mind, not everyone responds the same way.  But on the whole, the changes are noticeable; you do feel the difference – sometimes immediately!  All it takes on your part is to bring to the session a willingness to heal; the energy work will follow accordingly.  I hope you too will find it helpful, just as many others have before you 🙂


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