‘Empowering heart-centered women since 2005’

  1. Because I Can!

(40minutes, $300 excludes flight and accommodation)

  • Motivational talk based on personal life experiences.
  • Authentic sharing of how I overcome a lifelong sense of worthlessness and lack of self esteem as an adopted child to being an empowerment coach today.
  • I will reveal the 3 illuminating truths that enabled me to live and thrive after a failed suicide attempt as a child.


    Testimony YWLC

2. Love Source

(40minutes, $300 excludes flight and accommodation)

  • Motivational talk based on personal life experiences.
  • Authentic sharing of how I survived traumatic relationships with inauthentic people to being a empowered coach for women today.
  • I will reveal the process and the powerful strategies I used to keep myself strong to take the required action to reclaim back my life and my power.


  • Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)


I have known Joy since 2002. Through these years, Joy has always impressed me as a passionate person, full of life fuelled by an intense desire to give back to the community in various ways.

Joy strikes me as a people person, possessing an innate ability to easily connect with others. Perhaps, this stems from her keen interest in life, in general. I sense too that she endears herself to others through her attractive personality.

I also admire her resilience and drive. I believe these are the qualities that would put her in good stead whenever she is serving or helping. She is someone who not only possess the grit to overcome challenges but the creativity to innovate as well.

– Dr John Tan (16 March 2005)
Founder of CARE Singapore


Here’s to your soul elevation!

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‘The author is very brave, disclosing her personal challenges and the solutions she created. I admire her unselfish sharing, and her courage in undertaking her personal quest.
She traveled a long distance to a special place, and even braved a fire walk–something difficult to imagine. She tells her story in an absorbing way. This book is charming.’

– Shearon B (Australia)

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P.S. Check out my 17mins podcast interview too at Love Is A Verb. 

Your Transformational Coach,

Joy Leng


‘Empowering heart-centered women since 2005’

“I met Joy and was immediately struck by her vibrant energy.

She is a compassionate person with a quick mind, and I found her coaching to be skillful and intuitive.

If you ever need coaching, I would recommend you see her: not only will she help sort you out, she will be your cheerleader every step of the way!”
– Rimi Yoshida

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