Story SMASHer Coaching Program

This coaching program fills me with so much excitement and joy, because it very much also signifies my own personal growth and healing process.

Bringing to you what has worked powerfully for me,

with the intention that it will do the same or more for you.

We all have stories in our head.

Stories about ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. Using stories to make meaning, and to make sense of our lives is a very instinctive part of the human psyche.

In fact, that is how cultures have been created and preserved through the years. Myths, legends and even rumors, are stories that we make, stories that we share, that make US go round. It’s like casting magical spells.

The question is,

Are you concocting the right spell
for a joyful you?

Come to think of it, was it so long ago when our ancestors and even until today, the primitive societies or aboriginal cultures still continue sharing stories around the fire.

So, what stories do you have about yourself?

What stories have you been living on a daily basis as if they are real?

It is called the self-fulfilling prophecy. 🙂

  • What have your stories manifested in your life?

  • Are they stories of redemption? Or are they stories of contamination?

  • Do the stories you weave nurture and nourish you?

  • Do you feel joy and peace from the world you have built through your stories?

  • What stories from the past that has helped you ‘survive’ then, do you still carry on with you?

  • What stories from the past that was created by a hurt and lonely child do you still act out, because you do not know how else to respond?

Ever hear a scary story or watch a horror movie that kept you up through the night?

Ever heard an inspiring story and felt motivated to act on an overdue dream?

Then you would know that

the power of stories cannot be underestimated.

What more the stories you are telling YOURSELF?

Stories, like energy and ideas, are so intangible and yet so captivating. Once it hooks your attention, there is no turning back. You become fascinated and engrossed.

And yet, others might have no idea how that story or that idea is influencing you.

It’s potent invisible power.

  • What potent invisible power is steering the wheel of your life?

  • Do you have the awareness to discern?

  • Do you have the courage to find out?

  • How willing are you, to do the work, to claim back joy and peace in your life?

These stories that you are telling yourself defines so many aspects of you; how you behave, what you say, how you feel, how you motivate yourself, and even how you self-sabotage.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are living out these stories anyway. They are always there, determining your every move.

  • Are you living a life on autopilot, dictated by these invisible stories?

  • Are you living a life of awareness, conscious of the stories you have about yourself and the world, mindful to live out self-nurturing stories?

  • What is the central story you have about yourself?

Do you even know?


I spent thirty years living a story of
‘I am unworthy and unlovable.’

This was a story weaved by a child, who felt abandoned and unworthy. I continued into adulthood, living from that disempowering space.

I was driven to collecting as many certifications as I could. I was very competitive, and highly judgemental of myself, and the people around me.

Everything that I did or thought was based on the anxiety of having to prove my ‘worthiness’ to myself, and to prove that I am ‘lovable’ to the world.

I was an educated, attractive and deeply depressed young woman.

Deep down, I still felt
unworthy and unlovable.

Sounds familiar?

It took enough pain for me to decide to do ‘radical therapy’ on myself, and to commit to eliminating this story, and to anchor in a more self-nurturing story of

I am an authentic, intuitive,

powerful and playful Shakti.

That journey was ironically triggered by my desire to be an empowerment coach for women. In the preparation process, it occurred to me that

I was the first woman

I needed to help heal and coach.

That began a series of events, therapies, rituals, Warrior Goddess training, SheDance training, Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) training, and many other inspired actions.

It was hard and heart work,

but it began my healing journey, my long pilgrimage back to myself.

Warrior Goddess Training with Heather Ash Amara in Sedona, USA.

It also blossomed into a beautiful autobiography book, From Zero to Shakti.

So here,

I invite you to take my hand
and do the same
for yourself.

Get connected with your heart, and start examining the stories that you are carrying with you. I am here with you, every step of the way, and I will be your cheerleader!

Story SMASH!er was lovingly crafted, based on my own experience, for this very intention, to start you on your way back home to yourself, through self-nurturing stories. 🙂

If you are willing to commit
and to do the work,
read on.

Book your free discovery call here.

Let’s begin.

This is what I will do with you. 🙂


The main modalities that is used in the program are

  • Narrative Therapy,

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),

  • Aromatic Freedom Technique (AFT),

  • Mindfulness practice,

  • Life coaching techniques

  • Fun, laughter and humor! 😉


Other supporting tools that we will also be using (this is not an exhaustive list) includes teachings from

  • Warrior Goddess Training (Heather Ash Amara)

  • Choice Theory Reality Therapy (William Glasser)

  • The Work (Byron Katie)

  • Nonviolence Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • SheDance (Areeradh K Tri-Siddha)

  • DiSC Psychometric Profiling


  • The program is a 6 MONTHS commitment to give us enough time to do a thorough SMASH and TRASH! ‘house cleaning’ before moving on to anchor new self-nurturing stories.
  • There is also a 3 MONTHS option, but results might be less impactful due to the time constraint.


Phase 1 – SMASH and TRASH!

  • Identifying weeds
  • Removing weeds


  • Choosing your seeds
  • Planting the seeds
  • Watering the seeds
  • Harvesting the love


The estimated time investment every week will be about 3 hours.

Every week you will have to attend/do –

  • 1 SMASH!ing Coaching Call

    to begin our inner work for the week, (80 mins)

  • 1 Alignment Call

    in mid week to check on your progress, and to share whatever you might want immediate support with, (15 mins)

  • 1 Reflection Email

    that captures the totality of your insights, reflections, thoughts and challenges for the week, as you work through the contents of your SMASH!ing/Alignment calls, Shaktified!, Shakti Dare and SMASH! Diary. (15 mins)

  • SMASH! Diary

    involving daily diary entries, where you are invited to write at least 5 sentences, that summarizes your reflections and insights for the day, and if you like, set an intention or goal for the following day. (20 mins p/wk)


  • Shaktified! (Worth US$400)

    a fun component of Story SMASH!er Program which extends the work that we are doing together, to support you in an all-encompassing holistic manner, as a Shakti (woman standing in her Divine Feminine power).
    This is where the support resources comes into the process, and the Shaktified! activity differs weekly such as Warrior Goddess lessons, Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), TMRT, Shakti on Fire Coaching Series for Women, etc. (40 mins)

  • SHAKTI Dare

    is an activity, that is aimed to push you beyond your comfort zone. It is meant as a friendly dare for you, to have fun and more playful moments in your life.

    Story SMASH!er program can be intense as you do deep work to rewire your brain, re-authoring your stories and re-alignment with your heart.
    The goal of SHAKTI Dare is to help balance you energetically while you do your inner work. (10 mins)
    After all, who says inner work has to be oh so serious all the time? 😉

  • DiSC Profiling (Worth US$100)

    DiSC is a behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist, William Moulton Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance.
    You will get your own free DiSC Profiling report to gain greater insights into your own motivations and behavior.

  • Credits Rebate (Worth up to US$300)

    Sometimes it will be tough going because we are doing hard and heart work here. In order to encourage you to stay the course, I will be offering $200 credit rebate (for the 3 months program), and $300 credit rebate (for the 6 months program).

    When you have succeed in finishing your coaching (YEAH!), you will be given credits, which you can use to offset whatever additional/other services I offer outside of your Story SMASH!er package. At no additional cost to you!

    On top of it, I will also allow you to use this rebate, as a gift for someone else. Let’s encourage healing and spread the love around. 🙂



You are wonderfully unique and rightly so. The pace of the coaching and how we will move through the different phases, will be determined by your evolution in the process.

This program is for your growth and your nurturing, so YOU, will dictate the pace and our progress. 🙂


Yes, as you would have realized by now, this is NOT a program for the half-hearted, or the indecisive.

It is meant for women who
~ has enough of the pain,
~ really want the change,
who is committed to doing the required inner work, to unleash their
Shakti (Divine Feminine power).

Book now for your free discovery call with me.

What do you have to lose?


How about disempowering stories, negative memories and feelings and a disillusioned future? 🙂

And to encourage you, I will give you an e-copy of my book, where you can read more about my personal journey to self-healing and empowerment.

Come back home dear Shakti, it’s time.

Book your free discovery call here.


  • Like what you see?
  • Keen to be my affiliate and support others?
  • Have ideas on how we can work together and create more value for the world?

I am all ears! 🙂

Let’s create more co-abundance!

Book our call over here and let’s chat!


Joy Leng

Story SMASH!er





MeToo with AFT, NO to sexual harassment

When I first saw #metoo on social media, it immediately triggered in my mind, an episode from my childhood that caused a lot of grief for me as an adolescent. I know that its effects still have a hold on me today.

I also know that many women would have responded to #metoo the same way, with painful flashbacks.

After all, how many women had not been sexually harassed in some big or small ways in their lives, at least once?

I meditated on how, as a life coach and a story SMASHer for women, would I want to respond to #metoo. The easiest way would be to share that episode that I have carried with me for so many years.

That thought jammed my heart into my throat. Woah, that is a big move Joy. Very few people know about that incident.

Admittedly it took a while but I decided yes, that is the most authentic way to approach this subject, from my personal experience. I am grateful to #metoo, because it also reminded me that it was time to heal myself of that emotional scar.

Since it is from a very long time ago, there is nothing I can do now to catch the culprit. It would be impossible to do so. But what I CAN do is heal myself from the wounds it has created.

So today, I have done an Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) session for myself, revolving around the topic of standing up for myself against sexual harassment.

Something that all women can do, heal ourselves, let go of the past hurts and set an intention to stand up for ourselves moving forward.

Coming back to this traumatic incident. It happened when I was about twelve years old. I was instructed by my parents to get dinner for everyone. So I promptly head off to the coffee-shop to order our takeaways.

Upon reaching my block, I pressed the lift button and waited. At this moment, a Chinese man in his late thirties appeared, strolling by with his bicycle.

I had been trained by my mother to keep a lookout for strangers, especially men. I was instructed to avoid taking lifts with men I don’t know. So yes you can imagine, I perked up, waiting to see if he is passing by or if he is also waiting for the lift.

To my relief, he walked right past me. But not before looking at me intently. My lift came and I hurried in, glad to be alone.

But it was not the case.

Just when the lift door was about to close, it started to move in the opposite direction. I was taken aback. Confusion and fear set in when I saw that it was the same man with the bicycle.

I was standing at the corner farthest from the lift door, and he parked his bicycle diagonally right in the middle of the lift, before he entered. I was completely trapped in a corner by his bicycle that took up the entire lift space.

I was too overwhelmed to react and he pressed the lift door closed. He looked intently at me. Again. I was drenched with a sense of dread. I felt

something very bad was about to happen.

He pressed and moved his hand across my chest, his eyes never once leaving mine. I froze. My hands were occupied with the takeaways, and I had no way to run. I felt a silent scream from within.

I wanted to die.

His floor arrived and he quickly exited. The lift door closed. My legs buckled and I collapsed onto the floor. I was a mess. My floor came but I did not exit. I sat inside the lift, completely blanked out.

At some point, I managed to pick myself up and went home. I feigned illness when I got home, and spend the whole night lying in my bed, tortured by the images from the lift and the molester.

I told no one.

For weeks, I was tormented by the episode. I felt dirty. I felt unworthy. I was ashamed. I was not close to my parents, and I was terrified of telling them.

I would be blamed for not following their instructions. I was the wrong one. I was the bad one. I must be a terrible person, that is why this is happening to me.

I was distraught and destroyed. Still, I did not tell a single soul.

I grew up carrying that unworthiness into my life, like a silent cancer.

Today, as a woman in her thirties, I am telling you, #metoo, this is my story.

What is yours?

Today I decided to put my brave on, and do an AFT session on myself revolving around sexual harassment. I must confess that I went into the session, with a lot of apprehension.

I am not looking forward to experiencing all that pain and horror again. Nevertheless, I went ahead.

This and other hurtful memories and feelings rose up. There is a common thread of unworthiness in the memories and feelings. I wept. I felt nauseous. The waves of pain needed no further encouragement.

I wanted to die.

I pressed on.

Resentment and shame turned into grief. Then my feelings took a turn. I started to feel a sense of determination. I was even feeling upbeat by the last AFT round, which surprised me.

By the time I was done with my power pose, I was invigorated. I felt cleansed and a sense of release.

What took me so long to do this?

  • What sexual harassment episode(s) is/are still haunting you?
  • What can you do about it?
  • How can you bring the culprit to justice?
  • Healing yourself is your own responsibility, what can you do to start the process?
  • What victim story have you been telling yourself &/ others?
  • What ‘poor me’ behaviour have you been acting out in the world?
  • Moving forward, how would you want to be if it ever happens again?

Do something, do anything.

Do something.


Book your AFT session and get a free e-copy of my autobiography book, From Zero to Shakti, a woman’s path to self-healing and empowerment. 🙂

P.S. Do note that Young Living oils have been recommended by Dr Perkus for the AFT process.

P.P.S. ~ Free coaching series for women at Shakti on Fire Podcast! 🙂

With all my Shakti love,



Check out my brand new book ‘From Zero to Shakti’
A woman’s path to self-healing and empowerment.
Now available on Amazon and here.
Review on Amazon –
‘The author is very brave, disclosing her personal challenges and the solutions she created. I admire her unselfish sharing, and her courage in undertaking her personal quest.
She traveled a long distance to a special place, and even braved a fire walk–something difficult to imagine. She tells her story in an absorbing way. This book is charming.’

– Shearon B (Australia)

*** Take the first step to your GOALS here!


Shakti on Fire Free Coaching 4 Parts Series

Shakti on Fire Sparks 4 Parts Series

The objective of this free coaching series is to give you a taster of how Ignite! Shakti Training (IST) will be like. You have a choice

  • To go straight into IST or
  • To start off first with this free coaching and continue your journey with IST.

Either way, just get started! 🙂

Hopefully after your training, you will also feel inspired to be a part of the 1 million Shaktis, 3 million Sparks vision.

It simply means taking the Shakti on Fire Empowerment Pledge to do three empowerment projects of your choice for family, community and humanity. 🙂


  1. This free coaching series consists of 4 action books related to the four sparks of Shakti on Fire training, which is
  • Authenticity
  • Intuition
  • Pl@y! and
  • Power

The accompanying podcast episodes guide you through the action books and the main concepts in it. And of course, if you want private coaching through the process, or to add other healing and therapeutic processes to it, such as Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), that is available too.

Ultimately it is up to you how far, and how thorough you want to dive into your Shakti journey.

Grab your free coaching series here.

I will be here cheering you on,

every step of the way. 🙂


Have you listened to all the episodes and grab your action books yet?

This free coaching series is my gift of love to you.

This is my way of

honouring the Shakti

that you truly are.

Grab your free coaching series here.

Take my guiding hand and let’s get you started on your way back home, to the Divine Feminine within.

Grab your free coaching series here.

Honoured to be part of your soul-volution.

With all my blessings and love,

Namaste my dear Shakti.


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Shakti on Fire Podcast Ep 004 – The Four Pillars of Shakti on Fire Podcast

Check out the podcast episode here.

– Sharing the four pillars of Shakti on Fire Podcast so you know what to expect and how to look out for your favorite segments

– HEALING Segment

P2P, W2W #

Pain into Power, Wound into Wisdom



– SOF Sparks




Check out the podcast episode here.

Check out the podcast episode here.

Shakti Ablaze – Coaching for Women

‘Empowering heart-centered women since 2005’

~ Igniting Shaktis on Fire ~


Welcome my brave Shakti.

Shakti means goddess in Hindu and it symbolizes power.


I am so thrilled that you are here, ready to spread your glorious wings and fly!

That means you are thinking of

  • Igniting your Shakti on Fire,

  • Activating your natural gifts as a woman and

  • Reclaiming the kick ass life you are destined for.

Hell yeah!



“Joy helped me to become a more confident person.
She also equips me with the required skills
and support to achieve my desired outcomes.
She is genuinely concerned and interested in her clients
and definitely goes the extra mile to support them.”
– Trina Wong
(April 2016)

If you believe

  • You are more than just your mind, or your body
  • You can do more with the natural intuition you are born with as a woman
  • You can have more joy and PL@Y! in your life
  • You can manifest your true power by owning your authentic self

It’s playtime! 🙂

For SHAKTI ABLAZE, you will get –

– 1 1.5hrs coaching session

– Free copy of my latest book, From Zero to Shakti (eBook)

– Free 7 Days Self Compassion Challenge (eCourse format

– DiSC Psychometric Profiling and Debrief at half price
(Not included in package price, retailing at US$120)


Check out all the coaching packages here –




NO. OF SESSIONS 1 (1.5hrs) 12 (1.5hrs) 12 (1.5hours) AND
SPECIALS 1 Kick Ass Jumpstart Session (1.5hrs)
6 Weekly Check In Calls (20mins)
INVESTMENT (US$) 140 1,440 1,745

Note –

  1. These sessions can be conducted via Skype, Facetime or face to face in Singapore.
  2. If you want to do a package (Shakti Ablaze / Kick Ass Shakti) after you finished your Shakti Baby session, you have a top up option for 7 days. 🙂
  3. You can purchase it as a gift for someone.
  4. All packages are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase.


“My dearest Joy,
thank you for making me into a beautiful phoenix
when I most needed a change.
You are one of the most amazing woman I know
who would want to make another woman feel empowered and beautiful
regardless of age or size.

– Charlotte Lee (May 2013)





First, we clear the blockages trapped in your body, your mind, your spirit and in your energy force (‘qi’). No amount of planning serves any purpose if you do not first clear the obstacles in your way.



  • Next, we clarify and confirm your intentions.
  • We also examine what self limiting beliefs you might have that is hindering you or what ‘masks’ that you have been wearing to protect yourself.
  • Then we explore what options are available for you
  • To expend your focused effort
  • For the best possibility to reach your desired outcomes.



Having cleared your path, declared your intention and established the right course of action for your goals, it is time to celebrate and express your victorious path with your beautiful goddess body.

“Joy has helped me to build my confidence.
She brings out the unexplored outer beauty in me
and urges me to seek my inner beauty within.

– Christine Lim
(March 2012)





Using breathwork to ground you into the present before we start our session together.

Using meditation to channel your focus into the intention for the coaching session.



Using my training from my psychology degree and as an International Coach Federation coach,

We will have a fun, yet meaning session

Using colours and our conversation,

To create a masterpiece of our conversation

We will focus on –

  • The goal for our coaching time together ,
  • Challenge your thought processes and
  • Clarify your highest values
  • Establish what action needs to be taken
  • Propel you towards your desired outcomes.



Being one of the first to start a pole dancing studio in Singapore in 2005, I have seen and experienced personally, the power of movement as a potent self-revitalizing tool.

While intellectually, you may have engaged in the conversation, and logically came to your conclusions, these precious insights are not grounded in your body .
Mentally you ‘get’ it, but your body don’t.

Ever ‘understood’ something and yet, did not feel it or lost motivation for it afterwards?

Hence, we need to involve your physical being, into the coaching conversation.

This ensures that the insights, the commitment and the inspired action are now in complete alignment with your entire being.

That’s when true personal Shakti happens.

We will use your natural movement

  • To celebrate the awakening of your Shakti-self and
  • To ensure that what you have explored during the coaching session is also acknowledged and affirmed by your body.
  • To cements your body*mind*spirit alignment to your goals.

P.s. NO dancing experienced required. Your body will surprise you how it comes alive. Stay receptive. 🙂

“I was immediately struck by Joy’s vibrant energy.
She is a compassionate person with a quick mind,
and I found her coaching to be skillful and intuitive.

If you ever need coaching, I would recommend her:
not only will she help sort you out,
she will be your cheerleader every step of the way!”

– Rimi Yoshida
(March 2016)



Shakti on Fire (SOF) Walk the Talk, An Open-Hearted Walk with Joy


Hello there,

My name is Joy.

I am an ICF accreditated life coach, with a BA in psycholgy, and trained in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

Recently, I wrote a book, From Zero to Shakti.

It is about my life story, of how depression and a sense of loneliness and unworthiness have occupied a big part of my life. And the multiple inauthentic relationships that I have allowed myself to go through.

So yes, I have been there.

In fact, that is why I underwent all the years of psychology and coaching training that I did.

So that I can help others who are going through similar situations.

Based on the Singapore Mental Health Study conducted in 2010 by Institute of Medical Health, as many as 1 in 17 people have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder at some time in their life.

We can stop this modern day phenomenon.

By taking early steps in taking care of our mental health. And those of our loved ones.


You are at the right place.

Are you

– In Singapore?

– Have issues you want to sort out?

– Need to clarify confusing feelings?

– Want to process a recent disturbing event?

– Looking for a trained and compassionate coach?

– Knows someone who is?

Book Your Open Hearted Walk with Me.

It is easy to get lost in our mental plane and be overwhelmed with the negative emotions that we are feeling.

By walking with me as you open up your heart,

– we engage your physical body to help keep you in the present moment.

Talking to a non-judgemental and trained individual,

– Who is wholly here to listen and to be with you,

– Will help you feel heard and

– To release the intense energy that is trapped within you.

This process gently guides you,

– To process and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.

With that deeper self awareness,

– We can work towards planning your next thoughtful steps.

By taking this walk with me, it means



You be surprised about how you feel and the insights you can get.

Take an open hearted walk with me.


– Once payment is confirmed, I will contact you to schedule

– One hour walk/coaching

– Bay area outside Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Bay Hotel

– Includes short breath works and visualization

– Subject to changes depending on the weather and area conditions

– The walk is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Book your open hearted walk with me here.


  • Worried about someone dear to you?
  • Not sure how to reach out?
  • Book an open-hearted walk for your loved one.

Let’s help someone smile again.

Book an open hearted walk for a loved one.


To support you further on your path to healing, I will be giving you

– A free ecopy of my latest book, From Zero to Shakti (Worth US$4.99)

– 7 Days Self Compassion Challenge (E-course format) (Worth US$25)




Book Your Open Hearted Walk Today.





– This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.

– I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the walk in my sole discretion.

Feeling suicidal?

Call Samaritans of Singapore at 1800-221 4444

What’s Your Story Workshop based on Choice Theory and From Zero to Shakti

I cannot be more thrilled that my book was given a chance to have a smashing start. To be invited once again by Young Women Leadership Connection (YWLC) to do a talk for a women shelter is the most perfect beginning for my book.

One year ago, when I was invited to do a motivational talk for the same shelter, I was a brand new baby life coach. I was nervous about sharing my personal story and I did not know where to begin.

So I decided to share the three precious truths that I have learnt in my path to self-healing and empowerment. I had a powerpoint and a very able friend/trained counselor to back me up.

It was messy because of the various interpretations required due to language barrier. Otherwise,

it was a soulful success.

Everyone got something valuable out of our time together.

Fast forward one year later, same story. This time, backed up by Choice Theory, role plays preparation, another able assistant/trained Choice Theory practitioner and my book, From Zero to Shakti.

Wow, how things have changed.

Same story,

more powerful storytelling style.

We got off on a nice start, with everyone warming up at the self introduction segment. The atmosphere had a nose dive from the moment we showed the book video.

It was intentional.

This is not going to be a feel-good ra-ra talk. It was designed to be

a tough love, reality check workshop.

It was challenging, as we navigate through the emotional ups and downs of our audience.

But it worked. Sure, there were some tears, even mini breakdowns. But it was clear,

the message hit home.

All that was suppressed and hidden rose quickly to the surface.

To be healed and in time, addressed.

Based on the feedback we got and what was shared on the success board, there was no shadow of doubt, it was another impactful session. This year,

more potent than ever.

We left

with our hearts overflowing.

Proud of our work and most of all,

proud of the women who showed up and

showed their broken hearts to be healed.

Pure magic this morning.


From a thoughtful mother

From the youngest participant, a 15 years old who wrote,

‘Today I learnt to manage my emotions.’


I am grateful. For the work that I do. And I will do it more passionately from henceforth, for the priceless abundance I receive, every time I stepped into the arena. In the name of love.

  • Check out my book site here.
  • Check out Choice Talk, What’s Your Story? Workshop here.

~ Igniting Kick Ass Lives ~




Include Women and Girls With Disabilities in Anti-Violence Efforts

Women and girls with disabilities are at a greater risk of violence and abuse while facing difficulties accessing preventive and protection services than those without.

Studies estimate that these women are 1.5 to 10 times more likely to be abused, either physically or sexually, by a family member or caregiver.

They may even be up to 4.2 times more likely to have their activities and whereabouts restricted by their intimate partners, and their risk of sexual abuse is at least two times greater than for other women.

Other risk factors include social exclusion, limited mobility, lack of support structures and communication barriers.

This month, #OrangeDay highlights the issue of Violence Against Women and Girls with Disabilities!

Take action this Orange Day!

  • Wear orange on 25 March to show your support for fighting violence against women and girls with disabilities. Share your orange photos @SayNo_UNiTE
  • Host a discussion to explore the issue of violence against women and girls with disabilities. Invite civil society organizations working with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities to participate.
  • Inform yourself! UNDESA’s Toolkit on Disability provides practical tools on various disability-related issues to all those with an interest in the inclusion of persons, and especially women and girls, with disabilities in society and development.
  • Gender-based Violence Practitioners! Check out the Women’s Refugee Commission’s “I See That It Is Possibletoolkit to learn about how to build disability inclusion into your work.
  • Raise awareness about the issue and spread the word by sharing our social media messages with your networks.

For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for your support!
Isabella Poeschl
UN Women

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An inspiring story of a woman’s path to self-healing and empowerment. It depicts her determination to release the limiting stories that held her hostage ever since she was a child.

You will be riveted by the whirlwinds of trials and tribulations she had to wrestled with, as she go half across the world on her own to reclaim her own soul.

Experience her moments of terror as she desperately circumvent one crisis after another.

Indulge in her waves of joy as she unpeels layer after layer of her shame, her pain and her inauthenticity.

Join her in her triumph from Zero to Shakti as she blaze her way through rebirth and redemption, in a consummation of a firewalk in the desert.

Foreword by Dr Mel Gill, bestselling author of The Meta Secret



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‘Empowering heart-centered women since 2005’

“I met Joy and was immediately struck by her vibrant energy.

She is a compassionate person with a quick mind, and I found her coaching to be skillful and intuitive.

If you ever need coaching, I would recommend you see her: not only will she help sort you out, she will be your cheerleader every step of the way!”
– Rimi Yoshida

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Warrior Goddess Foundation in Singapore

You are whole.

You are powerful.

You are divine.

When you read these words do you feel the truth of them ringing in your bones?

Or do you feel the muffling weight of self-judgment and self-doubt, the deep-marrow fear of not being good enough, and the exhaustion of seeking your value outside of yourself?

If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, then it is time for an inner revolution.

It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.

As women we are searching for a new freedom, the freedom from self-judgment, comparison, and struggle. The freedom from trying to take care of everyone else and forgetting ourselves in the process.

The freedom to be the women we are meant to be.

Imagine giving yourself this freedom: to be you, 100%, and to love all of you. Yes, you can learn to love and accept all of you.

Join in a dynamic, experiential class series where together we will create a new foundation for healing, power, and transformation.

In this four-part series you will learn how to:

  • Commit to yourself with compassion and humor
  • Unwind old agreements and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Find your authentic expression
  • Walk with joy on your path of transformation, even when it is challenging

Joy is a certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, trained by the author of Warrior Goddess Training and Warrior Goddess Way.


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Check out my brand new book ‘From Zero to Shakti’
A woman’s search for rebirth and redemption.
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Review on Amazon –

‘The author is very brave, disclosing her personal challenges and the solutions she created. I admire her unselfish sharing, and her courage in undertaking her personal quest.

She traveled a long distance to a special place, and even braved a fire walk–something difficult to imagine. She tells her story in an absorbing way. This book is charming.’

– Shearon B (Australia)


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P.S. Why did I describe my life as a blank canvas? Check out my 10mins podcast interview at The Tao of Confidence. 


‘Empowering heart-centered women since 2005’

“I met Joy and was immediately struck by her vibrant energy.

She is a compassionate person with a quick mind, and I found her coaching to be skillful and intuitive.

If you ever need coaching, I would recommend you see her: not only will she help sort you out, she will be your cheerleader every step of the way!”
– Rimi Yoshida

Check out coaching with Joy.

10% of my net profit goes to support For Our Children (FOC).